Location: Room 321 McConnell Engineering

Date: Wed Feb 8th, 3-4PM

As a part of this year’s EDI initiative, the CSGS along with the CSUS is organizing a series of “fireside chats” where we invite a speaker (prof or an industry member) belonging to marginalized groups to share their personal experiences along with their research work. This is a good opportunity for students belonging to marginalized groups (or otherwise) to learn about experiences from successful individuals. The discussions are informal and it is a great opportunity for students to connect with the speaker at a personal level while learning from their experiences.

This initiative is the start of broader efforts to building a more inclusive and diverse graduate research community in the department, beginning with showcasing outstanding research from women in the field.

Speaker bio: I am a Research Scientist in Meta AI Research (FAIR). Previously, I was a post-doctoral researcher at Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, advised by Prof. Yoshua Bengio. My postdoctoral research revolved around deep learning techniques to tackle biomedical challenges, such as the ones posed by imaging multi-modality, high dimensional data and graph structured data. I received my PhD from the University of Barcelona in 2015. My thesis was on assisting the training of deep neural networks with applications to computer vision, advised by Dr. Carlo Gatta. My PhD included contributions in the fields of representation learning and model compression, with applications to image classification, image segmentation and remote sensing.

Format: ~30-40 mins for the talk, ~20 mins for questions, ~10 mins of interactions with audience if anyone wants to talk to her directly.

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