On this page, we give you, members of CSGS, an overview of how our society’s money is being spent. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel we are over- or  under-spending on some criteria!

Our budget per year as of August 31st, 2022 is approximately $6k ($3k per term). This is due to an accumulation of several years of unspent society money, which we are using to bulk up our per-year spending (amortized over a 4 year horizon). After this period, the yearly budget will go down to ~3.8k per year ($1.9k per term).

Spending 2022-2023

DateAmount ($CAD)Description
2022-09-12$998.70Fall Start-of-term BBQ Expenditures
2022-09-21$40.00Habs Tickets for Mug Drive
2022-12-01$185.44Four Switch games + cheque book cost
2022-12-19$864.45End of semester Thomson house event
2023-01-03$50.54SD cards for the Switch
2023-01-09$7.50Tea time
2023-02-06$19.98Tea time
2023-02-06$56.48Cleaning supplies + drying rack
2023-02-06$14.98Tea time
2023-02-06$19.88Tea time
2023-02-08$84.94Women+ Event
2023-02-17$256.00Skating event
2023-02-13$17.58Tea time
2023-02-20$19.16Tea time
2023-02-27$14.94Tea time
2023-02-27$6.25Lounge supplies
2023-02-27$374.72Resupply of coffee pods and lounge consumables
2023-03-06$20.47Tea time
2023-03-08$47.34Women+ Event
2023-03-09$245.00Skating event
2023-03-13$17.27Tea time
2023-03-23$275.70Mini-golf event
2023-03-27$50.26Tea time
2023-04-17$856.00Fusshi Sushi event
2023-04-17$40.61Tea time
2023-05-02$217.45Executive Dinner
2023-05-05$1982.83End of semester Thomson house event
Total spent so far:$6784.47Budget used so far: 113%

Spending 2021-2022

Before 2021-2022 Budgets