The Computer Science Graduate Society is pleased to present a talk by Anqi Xu on 2nd December (next Wednesday). To help us know how much food to order, please fill this Google form if you plan to attend:

Date: December 2 (next Wednesday)

Time: 12:00-13:00

Location: McConnell Room 103

Speaker: Anqi Xu

Title: Efficient Collaborations with Trust-Aware Robots


In this work, we give autonomous robot agents the ability to infer their human collaborator’s changing trust states, and consider how this signal can be capitalized to improve the efficiency of human-robot teams. This trust-aware robot framework incorporates advances in online human-robot trust modeling and interactive behavior adaptation for autonomous agents. We build upon these components by introducing the novel formulation of trust-induced conservative control. This enables the robot agent to momentarily alter its behaviors in response to the human’s trust losses, as an active means to mend damage to the team relationship. We present two end-to-end instantiations of trust-aware robots for distinct task domains of aerial terrain coverage and interactive autonomous driving. Our empirical assessments comprise of a large-scale controlled study, as well as field evaluations with a smart car platform. These assessments quantitatively demonstrate the diverse efficiency gains of trust-aware robots.


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