The Computer Science Graduate Society is pleased to present a talk by Annie Ying on February 11, Thursday. To help us know how much food to order, please fill this Google form if you plan to attend:


Date: February 11

Time: 1:00-2:00pm

Location: McConnell Room 320

Speaker: Annie Ying

Title: Code Fragment Summarization

Code fragments are an important resource for understanding the Application Programming Interface (API) of software libraries. Many usage scenarios for code fragments require them to be distilled to their essence: for example, when serving as cues to longer documents, for reminding developers of a previously known idiom, or for displaying search results. This dissertation reports on research on shortening, or summarizing, code fragments and makes three main contributions: a set of lessons learned from a case study on a supervised machine learning approach to the generating code fragment summaries; an empirically grounded catalog of source code summarization practices; and the design, implementation and evaluation of a novel optimization-based summarization technique for code fragments.


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