CSGS is proposing the following changes to constitution. The voting period will be March 28th – April 4th.

  • Amendment 1: Add the following point to the constitution. CSGS execs have to appoint one executive the task of supervision and guardianship of CSGS-owned equipments which must be listed on the CSGS webpage. This list shall be kept up-to-date and all the documents/receipts must be with the current CSGS accountant. (Suggested exec for the job – VP social, but a new exec for this job can also be hired).
 In particular, this exec has to take care of the maintenance of the espresso machine of the graduate lounge. The responsibilities include to check the performance of the machine 

weekly, to make sure it is kept in order as recommended in the specifications of the machine and the instructions how to use the machine are in proper order, attached next to the machine. Once a year the exec would need to call the corresponding shop (Espresso Mali) and make an appointment  for technical checkup which would include also changing the water filter. The latter is supposed to cost 300$ starting second year (150$ for the filter and 150$ for the checkup). The first year is included in the warranty.The failure to do so will cause the expiration of the guarantee on the machine.
  •  Amendment 2: Change 5b  to “The Executive shall hold office from October 1st of each year until the following September 31st”
This is suggested to ensure that the new incoming students get the chance of getting involved in CSGS elections and the old execs to transfer their knowledge to the new ones.


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