Hello fellow grads! 

If you ever wanted to take an active role in our graduate student society, this is your chance! According to the constitution of  Computer Science Graduate Society (CSGS), we invite you all to submit nominations for the following positions for our annual elections for the committee of 2022-2023. The election processes will commence once we have your nominations.  Please fill in the following form to nominate yourself for a position. Details about the roles are available in the constitution.

Deadline for Nomination: October 9th, 2022

Open posts:

President: Responsible for the overall management of the society and primary point of contact with PGSS and the CS Department.

  • VP Finance: Responsible for keeping track of our finances, collecting the funds from PGSS, updating the necessary documents, and setting appropriate budget.
  • VP Social: Responsible for planning fun social events.
  • VP Communications: Responsible for maintaining the website and social media presence, also managing newsletters.
  • VP Academics: Responsible for hosting relevant academic seminars PGSS Councilor: Point of contact for PGSS, responsible for attending monthly.
  • PGSS Councilor: Point of contact for PGSS, responsible for attending monthly PGSS Councilor meetings and participating in the debates. From this year, PGSS has mandated almost compulsory attendance to the meetings, failure to which will lead to scrapping of our PGSS funding.
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Commissioner: Promote inclusion, equity and diversity within the department and during events. Act as a liaison to other diversity groups at McGill and outside of McGill.

We urge you all to strongly consider taking charge of CSGS. Being a part of CSGS allows one to take an active role in the academic and social life of the graduate students in the Computer Science department. As an executive, you will be the voice of our graduate student society at PGSS, aid in modifying the policies and manage the funding for CSGS. You will have an opportunity to collaborate with other graduate societies. Taking an executive role in CSGS will not only affect our graduate student body, but it will also improve your leadership, management, and communication skills. It will give you an opportunity to be at the fore front of our social gatherings as well!

Looking forward for your nominations!