DateAmount (CAD)Description
January 12th, 2022$358.52 Trivia Night Professional Host Cost
January 30th, 2022$299.18UberEats vouchers for Trivia Night
February 9th, 2022$365.25 Game Night Professional Hosting
February 18th, 2022$387.83Costco Trip - Snacks and food for the Grad Lounge 203N (+ Keurig machine)
February 23rd, 2022$53.71Executive meeting expenditure (food)
February 25th, 2022$84.50N95 Mask Purchase from PGSS
February 2022$213.99Game Night UberEats Vouchers
March 14th, 2022$5Plastic cups purchase
March 16th, 2022$6Printed Laminated signs
March 16th, 2022$271.58Grad Lounge Improvement Purchases (Amazon)
March 18th, 2022$216.79Canadian Tire Lounge purchases (microwave)
March 18th, 2022$127.21Costco Lounge Consumables
March 24th, 2022$12.93Pens and cards for Thomson House event
March 29th, 2022$787.16In-person Social Event at Thomson House
March 31st, 2022$236.07HackerHouse catering
March 31st, 2022$50Photography at Thomson House event
May 3rd, 2022$266.27Executive Dinner
May 11th, 2022$955.88End-of-year BBQ Expenditures
May 26th, 2022$47.88CSGS Exec Meeting Food
June 8th, 2022$300First place winner of Logo Contest
June 8th, 2022$150Second place winner of Logo Contest
June 8th, 2022$50Third place winner of Logo Contest
June 18th, 2022$18.40Picnic June 2nd
June 18th, 2022$115.03Communautos for BBQ
July 23rd, 2022$49.05Tea time expenses (recurring)
August 16th, 2022$400Nintendo Switch 🎮🕹️👾
August 31st, 2022$145.13Orientation event ($135.34) plus Tea Time expenses
Total spent in term:$5973.36