Open Position: CSGS Chair

Responsibilities :
a) Be the designated correspondent of the Association to the Membership including: i) notification of all of the Association’s meetings/assemblies; and ii) distribution of meeting materials (e.g. agendas).
b) Act as Recording Secretary for Council Meetings and General Assemblies;
c) Maintain and organize up to date electronic (where appropriate) and paper (where appropriate) records of all of the Association’s documents including: i) financial records as provided by the VP Finance and Operations; i) Meeting records (agendas, minutes, etc…); ii) Documentation arising from the activities of the Executive; iii) Template and filled forms (e.g. Nomination Forms); iiii) The Association’s operations manual.

(if interested email: csgs-execs AT

Become a CS representative during PGSS Council and General:

McGill’s Post-Graduate Students’ Society holds monthly Council meetings and a few General Assembly meetings throughout the year, during which a variety of issues are debated and voted upon.  As a CS grad (Master, PhD or Postdoc student) you can be a CS representative in these meetings and vote on behalf of your fellow CS grads.

It’s a rewarding experience to attend and participate in these meetings for many reasons:

(1) You meet and socialize with fellow grads from other departments.

(2) You learn about current issues at McGill and beyond.

(3) You could submit motions for a vote

(4) You could join or create a committee focused on certain issue (e.g. sustainability, tuition fees, community outreach .. to name a few)

(5) Networking: other grads you meet could be your future colleagues!

(6) Enjoy FREE  hot dinner served at each meeting.

(7) Get a FREE personalized CS hoodie if you attend and vote in >= 2 Council and/or General meetings, as a token of appreciation for you taking the time to represent your fellow CS grads and vote on important issues.

(if interested email: csgs-execs AT

Organize or Deliver an Academic Seminar:

Share your research with your fellow CS grads, we will bring the pizza! (please visit to see what previous seminars have been delivered).

(if interested email our VP Academics,  Pulkit Khandelwal or President, Rohit Verma)

pulkit (dot) khandelwal (AT) mail (dot) mcgill (dot) ca ,
rohit (dot) verma (AT) mail (dot) mcgill (dot) ca


Organize or Attend a Social Event:

If you are interested in organizing a social event with your fellow CS grads, or would like to suggest an event, please don’t hesitate! We will be glad to fund your event and help you organize it! Please also visit our Social Event page ( to learn about ongoing events that we organize.

(if interested email our VP Social,  Koustuv Sinha)

koustuv (dot) sinha (AT) mail (dot) mcgill (dot) ca