CS grads support CSGS Space Initiative

CSGS is working on an initiative aimed at providing an exclusive space for CS grads (master, PhD and postdoc students) to meet up, socialize relax and maybe some a bit of reading too! There is shortage of space McGill-wide, but CSGS is trying to work with the department to secure this exclusive space and do everything possible to make that happen.

A majority of CS grads want this space to be used for both entertainment and academic use, which highlights the need for both. Below is a summary of stats of responses:

69% want the space to be utilized for both academic and entertainment purposes
25% want to be exclusively entertainment space (foosball, table tennis, dart board, comfy couches etc)
2% want it to a quite study space only.

56% of respondents were master student,
44% were PhD.

CSGS will continue to work with the department to secure this space, we hope that will happen soon, we’ll keep you posted!

Here is a scan of the responses:


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