CSGS Seminar – Blockchain Technology and its implications

Date: Friday, 4th August

Time: 16:30

Location: Room 321 @ McConnell

Speaker: Carlos G. Oliver
Title: An introduction to blockchain technology and implications for science

Abstract: The development of blockchain frameworks as de-centralized databases has been one of the most important technological advances of the past decade. While most people are aware of this technology through the success of the Bitcoin currency, it is the invention of blockchain that supports Bitcoin that is likely to have a deep and long term impact on many aspects of life. In this talk I will present the basic theory and algorithms behind blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and next-generation blockchain. Finally, I will discuss some applications of this technology for the scientific community.

CSGS Seminar – Models and algorithms to optimize submodular functions

Date: 30th March (Thursday)

Time: 12:30 pm 

Location: 3120 Trottier.

Speaker: Richard

Title: Models and algorithms to optimize submodular functions.

About Speaker: 

Richard is a second year PhD student in the School of Computer Science at McGill University. He holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics from McGill and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in Madrid, Spain. His main research interests are in Discrete Optimization, and in particular in the areas of Approximation Algorithms and Submodular Optimization.
Summary : 
Areas of Applied Math / Discrete Math / Theoretical Computer Science in optimization and especially models and algorithms for optimizing submodular functions, including their application to real world settings. Submodular functions appear naturally in many important optimization frameworks including graphs/networks, facility location problems, combinatorial auctions, analysis of social networks, feature selection, information gathering, sensor placement, document summarization and more. There has been a huge amount of work in the past years regarding the design of efficient algorithms to optimize (both maximize and minimize) these kind of functions subject to several kind of constraints. 

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CSGS invites speakers from the industry

CSGS was delighted to host George Bryson (CSTE, CBAP, ITIL, PSM, BSAC;  Senior Business Analyst and co-founder, MontGuide Inc. and VP – IIBA Chapter Montreal), and Betty Graff-Chechin (Betty Graff-Chechin (CBAP, LSS, ITIL) Senior Business Analyst at the National Bank of Canada and member of Secretary – IIBA Montreal Chapter).

Thanks to our VP Academics Rohit Verma for organizing this speaking event!



Seminar on Quantum annealing: from D-wave to optimization Hamiltonians

We were excited to host  Alessandro Ricottone, PhD Candidate at McGill Physics working on theoretical condensed matter, to deliver a seminar at SOCS.

Talk abstract: Quantum annealers are a class of (non-universal) quantum computers devised to quickly find the minimum of a function by exploiting the quantum tunneling and entanglement. Recently D-wave started commercialize their quantum annealers. Describing the D-wave machine and showing how we can use it to find the solution to some famous mathematical optimization problems.

Thanks Alessandro!