Constitution Changes

Here are the modifications of CSGS constitution which we want to make.

1. Articles added


f) Clearly communicating to all members and other Executives the state and activities of the CSGS. This will be done through McGill-assigned email addresses (i.e.

2. Articles changed


6c: Quorum shall be 15 (number of members of Council to have Quorum)


6c: Quorum shall be ⅓ (number of members of Council to have Quorum)


9b: Notice of a general Meeting shall be given by posting announcements on departmental notice boards and by e-mail (where possible) at least one week before the meeting.


9b: Notice of a general Meeting shall be given by e-mail at least one week before the meeting.


10b: Notice of open positions shall be given at least one week in advance of the General Assembly.


10b: Notice of open positions shall be given at least one week prior to the beginning of the voting period.


10c: Any regular member of CSGS may seek election for open positions, providing they acquire the nomination of three (3) other regular members.


10c: Any regular member of CSGS may seek election for open positions, providing they acquire the nomination of one (1) other regular member.


10d: Ballot shall be secret, and be counted in the presence of at least two (2) non-candidate


10d: Election shall be held through the PGSS online voting system for a period of minimum one week under the supervision of the PGSS CRO.


10e: Vacancies during the course of the year shall be filled by by-election, to take place at a
special General Meeting.


10e: Position vacancies during the course of the year shall be filled (if judged necessary) by a majority vote of the executive committee.


12b: Amendments to this constitution shall be made at a General Meeting.


12b: Amendments to this constitution shall be made by email using the online voting system of PGSS and under the supervision of the PGSS CRO.


12c: Notice of proposed amendments shall be posted at least one week before the General


12c: Notice of proposed amendments shall be posted on the CSGS website and through McGill-assigned email addresses at least one week before the beginning of the voting period.


12d: Amendments will be voted on by open ballot, and shall pass by a 2/3 majority of those
present at the General Meeting.


12d: Amendment(s) will be voted through the PGSS voting system for a period of one week minimum, and will pass by a simple majority of members voting

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PGSS accreditation vote

Please read this letter carefully. It contains information about an issue that will directly affect you and future graduate students.

To all Computer Science graduate students,

There is a very important vote occurring from March 4 to March 15. The issue is whether the Post-Graduate Student Society should be accredited by the Québec Government.

What is the PGSS?
PGSS is the representative body of all McGill graduate students. The PGSS committee members are elected from the student body, to stand as a voice for graduate students in the school governance and provides checks for proper usage of student funds. Part of our role as CSGS’s executives is to attend PGSS meetings, vote, and debate on important issues. The issues that the PGSS votes on impacts you, such as fees, health insurance, strike movements, etc.

What does accreditation mean?
Short answer:

  1. The university and province would be obligated to recognize the PGSS as the representative of postgraduate students
  2. PGSS will be insured by law if in any case McGill wanted to disperse PGSS
  3. PGSS would be guaranteed the right to choose postgraduate student representatives to university boards and committees
  4. The university would be obligated to collect and remit the PGSS fee, providing a form of insurance to the PGSS in the event that relations become strained with the university in the future
  5. The PGSS fee could only be set and changed by referendum or general meeting

Links to further information follow after this letter.

CSGS committee believes that all Computer Science graduates should support PGSS accreditation so as to ensure that PGSS will always be there to protect and represent our interests. However, in order to be accredited, PGSS needs at least 25% of the graduate student population to vote yes. This is not an easy task, and we have to all do it together. CSGS therefore wishes to rally as many students to vote as possible in order to secure a permanent future for our student representation.

Please read the information below and choose for yourself a way to vote between March 4 and March 15. Voting will be online at

For more information there will be two information sessions on this issue:

  1. Wednesday February 27 at Thomson House in the basement from 5:30 to 6:30. Food will be served.
  2. Thursday, February 28 at Mac Campus Centennial Center, Room 207 from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Thank you for your time,
CSGS Committee

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CSGS winter 2013 semester survey result

Hi everyone,

Below are the results of our Jan. 2013 survey. Thank you very much for submitting answers, and for helping us understand what’s on your mind.


Have you heard of us?

A question to find out how just how popular we are right now. With a score between “never” and “a few times”, we’re definitely aiming to improve this. One of the ways we’re reaching out to you is through the Graduate Seminars organized by Annie Ying. Every Wednesday a student student presents their work while CSGS provides free pizzas. Also by organizing social events like the CSGS’s spring apéro.

Scholarship criteria

Hmmm, this was a highly-debated question for us too. What criteria do you use to give out scholarships? We’ve taken in your feedback and are working together with SOCS to make this happen. Expect news shortly, and please email us with any suggestions you have.

Selected comments:
There are a lot of students who are struggling financially to meet their monthly expenditure. It would be great if we could consider their situation.
Special considerations for students who do not already have another source of funding.
I think it should be based on financial need + academic performance, more than research contributions. Most grad students in CS receive some sort of financial support that covers the basics, but some others e.g. international students, or parents, might have a more difficult time making ends meet. This scholarship could be useful to them more than to the main CS demographic.
anything but course grades achieved (i had fantastic grades and didn’t deserve any scholarships :) )
research presentation followed by vote from other grad students who see the presentation.


As a society for you, we want to know what you want us to focus on. Average ranking CS related events – 3.98 Scholarships – 3.58 Non-CS events – 2.95 Relationship with SOCS – 2.39 PGSS representation – 2.11 So events that bring all of us together and scholarships are at the top of our list of things to work on. As a reminder, we are always looking to people to help propose and organize events and activities. Please contact us if you have a good idea!

Explanation of categories
CS-related events – Events to bring together Computer Science students such as a Hackerspace, job fairs, or guest speakers
Scholarships – Awards given to deserving graduate students
Non-CS-related events – Planning activities such as skiing, visiting a sugar-shack, or Cirque du Soleil. CSGS may be able to provide a discount on these activities for SOCS graduate students and post-docs.
Relationship with SOCS – Maintaining regular contact with SOCS administration to ensure that CSGS members are fairly represented on issues.
PGSS Representation – Student representation such as voting at Post-Graduate Student Society (PGSS) meetings. The PGSS is the representative body for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows at McGill University.

Lounge use

This was an interesting issue. For those that don’t know, there is a lounge at the north end of the McConnell Building hallway on the first floor. This is the area directly in front of numerous offices of professors, and was designed to be a common area for both professors as well as graduate students. Over time, due to noise issues, the space has changed to become a (mostly) professor-only area. Based on your survey response, the CSGS is working together with the SOCS to come to an agreement. It is a delicate balance between the space needs of graduate students and the noise requirements of professors. As we work on this issue we will keep you informed.


While the first question told us how popular we are, this question tells us how important we are. Over time, I hope that the CSGS becomes even more valuable to and intertwined with the studies of our members. So thank you very much for participating in our survey! This gives us a chance to see what you are thinking about us, and gives us data to plan for the future.

Other comments we received
Instead of classifying the events as CS and Non- CS related, It would be good if we conduct a special event that has both the flavor  For example, TEDxMcGill, (especially related to CS) would be good to attract other graduate students in CS to interact with the members of the society for speaker suggestions, volunteering and so and so.
If there isn’t any, perhaps an online monthly news letter would be nice for upcoming activities.
It will be nice if CSGS could hold some workshops about course selection, supervisor choosing, research and publication and so on. could show up to graduates more often by any means and inform us what the society would do related to students.
I want to see more events from the society like organizing in-house coding competitions, tutorials on new technologies. We all know that studies are pretty outdated these days and the stuff we are learning is all designed developed 20 years back. So more on that front if the society can do to engage people of similar interest.
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CSGS Newsletter : Thank you for participating in our survey!

Hi Everyone!

We are so proud of you guys! While you are busy with your studying and research, many of you took the time to answer our survey.  Your opinions helped us to see what really matters for you and what we should do to build a better community.  We have sent emails to five of you who won the movie coupons.  Don’t forget to check your McGill email.  You might be the lucky one.

In January, another thing we were working on was to organize a scholarship for CS graduate students.  It is not easy to find a selection scheme which is fair and simple.  But with your help, we have a outline which we will discuss with the administration this month.  We hope we can publish the final application progress in late February.

Our traditional weekly graduate seminar resumed in January. Vineet Kumar gave our first talk in 2013 titled “Helping scientists: the compilers way!” There are more exciting talks coming soon. Please keep an eye our seminar web site, so that you can come see the talks, hear your fellow student’s research, and grab some free pizza!


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Hello graduate students and postdoc of CS!

Welcome to the official web site of CSGS (Computer Science Graduate Society), which represents all Masters, PhD’s and Postdoc’s of SOCS (School of Computer Science).  You may not even believe that there is association, but yes we do exist.  The proof our existence is those graduate seminars with free pizza that you may have attended or heard of.

Last November, a new committee of CSGS was elected.  And this committee believes that besides graduate seminars, we can do more to serve our members.  Thus we designed a survey to better understand what you care most.  We shall listen to you and we shall direct our resources according to your opinions.

We have also set up a Facebook group for CSGS where our members can openly discuss anything related to the community.  If you have any suggestion, you can post it in this group or send a message to any member of the committee.

The graduate seminars are going to continue this semester and we already have some exciting talks planned.  Don’t forget there is going to be free pizza.

We wish you a happy semester!

The committee

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